Cider home brew recipes - how to homebrew

Cider home brew recipes - how to homebrew cider from cider apples in your garden, from cider pears or from home brew cider making kits.

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Cider recipes - somewhat simplified - contains milled and pressed fruit (apple or pear). The extracted juice is mixed with yeast (in some cases the manufacturer relies on the natural yeast present on the fruit skin so adds no yeast) and nutrients. When the cider fermentation is complete the result is an "apple wine" of low alcohol and with the sediment at the bottom of the fermenter.

After separating the "apple wine" from the sediment, the cider (not yet carbonated) is typically stored for a period of maturation. Finally for industrially made ciders, colourings and/or additives are often added and the cider will eventually be artificially carbonated.

Cider making homebrew kits

For home brew cider, whether from fruit or from cider making kits, the second step is instead to create a secondary fermentation to carbonate the cider. It is normally done in bottles such as swing top bottles, or it could be done in kegs (such as the Rotokeg). 

When transferred to the bottles (or the Rotokeg), a small amount of sugar is added to get a short fermentation started again, enough to create the right level of CO2. Additives and colourings are normally not used with home brew cider making kits or when using fruit from your garden. If you have good enough raw materials, you won't need the additives.